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The Story Behind Nayked Pet

Dog and Cat Sitting On a Couch
Where The Brand All Began

The initial creation of Nayked Pet was actually one of fortuitous serendipity, where two close friends eventually found great purpose in forming a professional alliance in order to substantially enhance the lives of pets and their loving parents everywhere. Dr. Zac Pilossoph, an integrative veterinarian and pet telehealth expert; and Vicki Vasiliki, an expert holistic formulator and paramedical esthetician, were originally introduced to each other many years ago. Sharing several similar principles when it came to true long-term health and wellness, the two wound up finding much in common and developed a genuine friendship. Both were also committed to living and promoting a "clean: lifestyle as best as possible, with Dr. Zac being a 7-year fully committed vegan, and Vicki having formulated dozens of holistic products for Medispas and patients over the course of her career. What's more, Dr. Zac even assisted in supporting Vicki as her beloved Samoyed pup Sammy fought a fierce battle with cancer, helping to mutually develop a holistic protocol tailored to maximize Sammy’s quality of life until the very end. In total, it was an easy and mutually beneficial friendship to commit to and appreciate.

However, as an up-and-coming integrative health figure with a growing presence in the natural pet wellness space, Dr. Zac had become progressively frustrated with the topical skin and hair products available to both vets and pet parents. With the majority composed of one or more unsafe chemicals, unnecessary synthetics, or undeclared nebulous “natural” ingredients, the selection of safe, holistic, long-term solutions was extremely limited for everyone. Moreover, with global advancements in the role pets were playing in the modern family structure, and the acceptance of a veganism as a preferred lifestyle choice, Dr. Zac saw an opportunity to satisfy the interests of these movements by developing a completely novel pet product line never before seen.


It was at this moment, when Dr. Zac finally realized his friendship with Vicki may have been meant for something more. With over three decades of research and experience in this very space on the human wellness side, he knew she was the perfect person to call upon to help bring this hair and skincare idea to life. Once hearing Dr. Zac’s vision herself, Vicki agreed it was time to synergize minds and get to work.

After nearly two years of collaborative brainstorming, Nayked Pet was officially realized. Representing much more than just a brand, Nayked Pet stood to help lead a movement by providing pet parents and their fuzzy loved ones something never seen before. A combination of premier, vegan, naturally-derived hair and skincare products applicable to every pet's current dermatologic health, and a selection of integrative-holistic telehealth solutions available worldwide.


Nayked Pet is now on a mission to stand up for what is right for our pets, for exceptional pet parents, and for our planet, now and for future generations to come!

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