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What makes Nayked Pet different from all the rest?

Just check out our product labels and the difference is clear! We are truly the first and only 100% transparent, human grade topical pet product brand in the world. Every constituent is naturally-derived, co-formulated by experts, and trusted by the integrative and holistic vet community. We mean it when we say ingredients and integrity are the priority. No secrets or synthetics, period.

There are essential oils in these products. Are those safe for my pet?

Yes, all of the essential oils included in almost every Nayked Pet product are safe for pets when applied topically and/or if accidentally ingested in small amounts, for both dogs and cats. The exception would be the all-natural insect repellent, which does contain some essential oils that are not considered safe for cats. We do not recommend using this product on cats or in a house with cats present.

How often can Nayked Pet products be used on my pet?

In general, Nayked Pet products are safe to use as little or as much as necessary on your pet as they are 100% earth-derived. There is no risk to chemical overdose or damage to their skin or hair, as would be the case with nearly all other pet products. However, each pet's skin and hair health are different and may require a unique regimen as compared to other pets. Luckily, we offer complementary pet dermatologic consults to pet parents, so that each pet is able to enjoy the Nayked Pet experience most effectively.

What if I think my pet is having a reaction to a Nayked Pet product?

Although very unlikely, there is always the possibility that a pet experiences an adverse reaction to any topical product, regardless of its type or origin. Most of these reactions are mild resulting in local irritation and redness. For these situations, the recommendation is to thoroughly wash your pet with luke warm water and remove as much product as possible at the site. If your pet experiences additional abnormalities, it is recommended to contact a veterinarian or Pet Poison Control immediately.

Why can Nayked Pet products be safely used long-term for my pet?

Nayked Pet prides itself on including only the most pure of all-natural, non-toxic vegan ingredients in all of its products. Nearly all other pet topicals available include one or more chemicals, synthetics, steroids, antibiotics, or any number of other "undefined ingredients," Nayked Pet is formulated to be safe for pets long-term in order to maintain exceptional hair and skin health all year round.

Can Nayked Pet products be applied to younger animals as well?

Yes, Nayked Pet is considered safe for pets of all ages. None of the all-natural, non-toxic ingredients included in Nayked Pet products have documented age-restrictions when it comes to safe pet application. However, as stated above, the all-natural insect repellent contains certain essential oils that are not considered safe for cats. We recommend not using that product on cats, kittens, or in a house with cats or kittens present.

Why would I choose an all-natural product versus a stronger one?

Surprisingly, we get this question a lot! There is a very common assumption that "natural," "holistic" or "earth-derived" equates to less effective. This is simply not the case! In today's world, we have been made to think that chemicals and synthetics are formulated to be more potent and thus more effective. Nayked Pet products are formulated to be just as effective as other OTC products but without the negative effects of harsh chemicals.

Where are Nayked Pet products formulated and manufactured?

Nayked Pet proudly formulates and manufactures all of its products right here in the USA. However, we make sure that as many ingredients as possible  are responsibly sourced from their native countries of origin in order to preserve local economies across the world. Our products are also cruelty-free and never tested on animals during the development and manufacturing process.

Am I able to change or cancel my order once it has been placed?

At the present time, we are not able to change or modify orders once they are placed in our system. If you wish to purchase additional items, you can submit a second order and we will do our best to ship all items together. We can only complete cancelled orders if they were cancelled prior to shipping. Please send a message to the  email and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

How do I go about returning a Nayked Pet product?

Nayked Pet has a 30-day money back policy for any product purchased via our e-commerce platform. See details regarding return in our policies section. If you wish to request a product return, please email us at and we will be happy to assist with your return! Please write in the email subject line "RETURN REQUEST" and explain the reason for your return request of the email.

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