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Vegan All-Natural 0.999 Nanoparticle Silver Hydrosol Antimicrobial Spray

Vegan All-Natural 0.999 Nanoparticle Silver Hydrosol Antimicrobial Spray


A completely natural non-ionized mineral formula in the most potent form of true nanoparticle colloidal silver. Applied in holistic medicine for its powerful antimicrobial and healing properties. Safe to use on skin, ears, and orally without damaging your pet's hair, health, or the environment.


***One of the ONLY silver hydrosol products tested for elemental silver purity and for particle surface area by the Colloidal Science Laboratory*** Curious about this? ASK FOR MORE INFO


Integrative/holistic veterinary formulated, tested & trusted to be both safe and effective for all skin types and conditions. No secrets, no synthetics, guaranteed!


Primary Active Ingredient Info:

1. Medical Grade 0.999 Nanoparticle Elemental Silver: true elemental silver hydrosol (sometimes called colloidal silver) is one of the most versatile and health-protective compounds on this planet (despite the plethora of intimidation found on the internet). As its name states, silver hydrosol potenitally delivers a multitude of health benefits at nano concentrations. However, finding a *true elemental* silver hydrosol is the tough part and can be extremely difficult for anyone, veterinarians and pet parents alike. The reason for this is because 95% or more products on the market are NOT what they claim to be. Instead, they are either composed predominantly of *ionic silver* or *colloidal protein silver,* both of which are NOT considered medicinal in the formulations available to the public (these would need to be orders of magnitude higher in concentration). Consequentially, these companies do not pursue in third party laboratory testing to prove that their claims are accurate, leaving consumers in the dark. Luckily, through independent research efforts, we were fortunate to eventually find a medical-grade supplier who was willing to third party test and prove the purity of their product!

  • Specific Product Information

    • Safe for use on dogs, cats, and all other mammals
    • Safe for use on all hair and skin types
    • Safe to apply multiple times per day
    • Safe to apply to sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, and mouth
    • Safe if accidentially ingested
    • 3rd party tested for non-ionized silver colloid purity
    • Safe for human application
  • Shipping Information

    Shipping costs are calculated at the end of the purchasing period and are based on the total weight of all items being shipped together.

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