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The Core Combo Shampoo-Conditioner Formula

The Core Combo Shampoo-Conditioner Formula


Vegan All-Natural Human-Grade Calm and Cleanse Shampoo

100% all-natural, pH balanced formulation made with pure Mukorossi extract and rich botanicals. Used in Ayurvedic medicine as a potential long-term therapy for numerous inflammatory dermatologic conditions. Calms and cleanses skin without damaging your petʼs hair, health, or the environment.


Vegan All-Natural Human-Grade Volumizing Conditioner

100% natural formulation made with pure herbal extracts and rich botanicals. Used in holistic medicine to address all types of damaged skin and hair. Moisturize and volumize without damaging your petʼs hair, health, or the environment.


Integrative/holistic veterinary formulated, tested & trusted to be both safe and effective for all skin types and conditions. No secrets, no synthetics, guaranteed!

  • Specific Product Information

    • Safe for use in dogs, cats, and all other mammals
    • Safe for use on all hair and skin types
    • Naturally cleanses and strengthens all skin layers
    • Promotes hair growth and maintenance
    • Naturally deodorizes and volumizes
    • Promotes noticeably thick and healthy hair
    • No oatmeal or other carbohydrate ingredients
    • Hypoallergenic
    • *Safe for human application
  • Shipping Information

    Shipping costs are calculated at the end of the purchasing period and are based on the total weight of all items being shipped together.

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$66.56every month until canceled
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