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Wholesale Vegan All-Natural Human-Grade Itch Relief Formula

Wholesale Vegan All-Natural Human-Grade Itch Relief Formula

A completely natural formulation composed of Allantoin extract and rich botanicals. Used in herbalist medicine to address numerous irritative skin conditions. Rapidly soothe and protect your pet's skin without damaging their hair, health, or the environment.


Integrative/holistic veterinary formulated, tested & trusted to be both safe and effective for all skin types and conditions. No secrets, no synthetics, guaranteed!

  • Specific Product Information

    • Safe for use on dogs, cats, and all other mammals
    • Safe for use on all hair and skin types
    • Safe to apply multiple times per day
    • Instant relief for intensely rough or irritated skin
    • Promote hydration of chronically scratched areas
    • *Safe for human application*
  • Shipping Information

    Shipping costs are calculated at the end of the purchasing period and are based on the total weight of all items being shipped together.

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