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Wholesale Vegan All-Natural Human-Grade Skin Rejuvenator

Wholesale Vegan All-Natural Human-Grade Skin Rejuvenator

A completely natural formulation composed of blueberry extract and rich botanicals. Used for centuries in herbalist and anti-aging medicine to combat oxidative stress and exfoliate damaged skin. Gently heal and rejuvenate wounds, burns, scars, wrinkles and more without damaging your pet's hair, health, or the environment.


Integrative/holistic veterinary formulated, tested & trusted to be both safe and effective for all skin types and conditions. No secrets, no synthetics, guaranteed!

  • Specific Product Information

    • Safe for use on both dogs and cats
    • Safe for all skin and hair types
    • Powerful multipurpose skin restoring formula
    • Proven healing and anti-aging effects
    • Concentrated source of quercetin, anthocyanins, and pro-retinol
    • *Safe for human application*
  • Shipping Information

    Shipping costs are calculated at the end of the purchasing period and are based on the total weight of all items being shipped together.

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