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Core Vaccination Titer Testing Services

A fully facilitative concierge consult for the advanced pet parent

  • 1 h
  • 275 US dollars
  • Virtual

Consultation Details

***COST OF SERVICE INCLUDES FULL CORE VACCINE TITER TESTING PANEL AND TWO TELEHEALTH MEETINGS WITH DR. ZAC*** It has become serially more evident that over vaccination of our pets could be promoting the onset of numerous other health conditions, some being life-threatening. Excessive hyperimmune stimulation causes the body's normal defense system to become dysregulated over time, with the potential down-stream effect being the development of immune-mediated, auto-immune, and even cancer-related disease processes. Moreover, thanks to the work of a few veterinary figures, it has been proven that immunity to core vaccination pathogens can last 5-7 years or more in many pets, meaning that blind annual re-vaccination is unnecessary in the majority of pets. Vaccine titer testing is already a common and accepted evidence-based medicine practice in human medicine, however it has been slow to translate over to the veterinary field despite updated WSAVA Guidelines. In addition, there have been several "rapid" vaccine titer testing kits to come out but these are not proven like in-lab testing methods (virus neutralization and hemagglutination inhibition) which remain as the gold-standard testing method. We also understand that it can be very difficult to find a vet facility that will offer titer testing at an affordable value. We're here to help! Nayked Pet retains an exclusive agreement with the most established vaccine titer testing laboratory in the US. Our team is prepared to thoroughly explain the process of submitting vaccine titers, assist in collecting the necessary samples, and discuss testing results once they arrive as a complementary follow-up telehealth appointment. Don't wait to take advantage of this service and protect your pet's from over-vaccination and its potential consequences! HOW IT WORKS: 1. This service includes two telehealth consultations (one before testing and one afterwards) as well as the 4 core vaccine titer tests themselves (Rabies, Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus) 2. Your veterinarian will collect the serum sample after the first meeting with Dr. Zac. We provide directions for you and the vet to follow 3. We email the lab submission form and the shipping label to you to bring with the sample to UPS after collection (UPS charges for the box if you don't bring one) 4. We contact you once the results come back (7-14 business days) to schedule the second telehealth meeting 5. Dr. Zac advises when retesting is most appropriate

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