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Therapeutic Detox: Gut or Vaccine Focus

Targeted essential detox plans for every pet

  • 45 min
  • 195 US dollars
  • Virtual

Consultation Details

*THIS CONSULTATION HAS TWO DIFFERENT OPTIONS: PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN SIGNING UP WHICH TYPE YOU ARE WISHING TO PURSUE* Gut Detox: To begin the healing process for any chronic health condition, we need to first focus on intensively detoxifying the gut. This is because inflammation plays 90% or more of a role in any disease process our pets experience. A healthy gut is the foundation of overall health and well-being for our pets. Since the majority of the immune system resides within the gut, this is where the focus must begin in order to remove toxins, clear stagnation, and promote immunomodulation. This can be accomplished through a combination of short-term dietary modifications, herbal remedies, and lifestyle adaptations. Vaccine Detox: Despite the development of vaccines being integral to the advancement of disease prevention, the way vaccines work cause considerable stress on the immune system over time. In addition, the liver and kidneys are also recruited to help remove the residual effects of vaccines and can also undergo considerable stress, specifically when it comes to vaccine adjuvants and carrier molecules. Lastly, over-vaccination has unfortunately become mainstream, resulting in heavily overworked immune and endocannabinoid systems as they try to maintain homeostasis. This is why vaccine detox protocols become incredibly important for every single pet today, especially for pets who have ever experienced a vaccine reaction. We're here to help! Our specialized team of vet professionals are prepared to assess each pet's historical disease patterns and develop a personalized detox plan. This will typically involve one or more of the following: replacing inflammatory ingredients from the diet with nutrient-dense whole foods and prebiotic/probiotic-rich sources, and integrating nutraceuticals that further promote anti-inflammation, and considering toxin sequestration supplements. Furthermore, stress management techniques including sound therapy, massage, and environmental enrichment modifications may be discussed as these can also be helpful by promoting relaxation and reducing stress hormone levels in the body. If you are a pet parent finally ready to learn how to effectively start your pet on a new path of long-term health and wellness, this consult is for you! ***BONUS: every pet parent who completes this consultation will get $100 off our "All-Inclusive Therapy for Allergic Pets" consult which acts as a long-term complement to this service***

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