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Nayked Pet

The Premier Health Longevity Brand Your Pet Has Been Waiting For

Welcome To The Future Of

Pet Health & Longevity

Trusted By Amazing Pet Parents Across The World To Provide Proven Solutions That Change Pets' Lives

Every, Single, Day

Human Grade Luxury Pet Hair & Skincare Line and Our Preferred Partners Circle

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The First Ever Integrative Holistic On-Demand Pet Telehealth Service Platform

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When It Comes To Products,

Our Premier Pet Hair & Skincare Line Is:

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Human Grade
Naturally Derived
Veterinary Co-Formulated
Completely Non Toxic

Cruelty Free

It's finally time for pets across the world to experience the same exclusive hair and skincare their loving parents have come to expect.

Expertly crafted with luxuriously simple, human-grade vet-approved ingredients that are nothing short of holistic medispa quality.

Check out our collection today and experience for yourself the extraordinary difference once your pet becomes a Nayked Pet!

Nayked Pet
Is Proud To Be Completely 
Free From:

Parabens (Propyl, Methyl or Butyl)

Imidazolidinyl/Diazolidinyl Urea

Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS)

Monoethanolamine (MEA)

Triethanolamine (TEA)

Diethanolamine (DEA)

Animal Byproducts

Propylene Glycol






"Pet Parents: Now Is The Time To Stop Falling Victim To Fancy Marketing Tactics And Key Words Companies KNOW You Want To Hear. Don't Play Into Their Games Any Longer, Putting Your Pets' Long Term Health And Comfort At Serious Risk

It's Time To Remain Educated, To Trust In Companies Led By Vet Experts, And To Only Believe In Brands That Remain Fully Committed To Honesty And Transparency"

-Dr. Zac Pilossoph,
Fear-Free Integrative-Holistic Vet

Just A Few Of Our Signature Partners

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Happy dogs using Nayked Pet

Luxuriously Happy, Healthy Pets
Without All The Harsh Chemicals

At Nayked Pet We Take The Health Of Your Pets And Our Planet Personally

Nayked Pet prides itself on being the first luxury pet hair and skincare brand that prioritizes ingredients and integrity above all else. In a world where chemicals, synthetics and artificial preservatives have become the norm, we made it our mission to prove that naturally-derived, top-tier quality vegan ingredients derived solely from our Earth can be just as powerful and effective. Have a look yourself- our labels are always simple and transparent, foregoing the need to have a degree in organic chemistry to understand what's inside each product.

Pet-healthy, Earth-friendly

Helping Pets Finally Thrive All Year Long

What's Not To Love?

It's time to make the switch! Choose Nayked and start pampering your fuzzy family members starting today!

Image by Cookie the Pom
Virtual Pet Telehealth Services
 Integrative-Holistic Wellness
At The Tips Of Your Fingers

At Nayked Pet, our mission is to build and support a borderless and fiercely passionate community driven to help pets remain healthy and thriving, no matter where they live. By providing a collection of complementary integrative healthcare services via virtual technologies, pets and their caretakers can attain this goal like never before with the help of healing theories from every corner of the Earth.

-Dr. Zac Pilossoph, Nayked Pet Founder

Meet The Nayked Pet Team


Dr. Zac Pilossoph, FearFree Integrative DVM, CMFT, CAVM

CEO and Telehealth Developer

As a well recognized integrative veterinarian and committed vegan himself, Nayked Pet stands as something more than a simple idea. For Dr. Zac, Nayked Pet represents a brand prepared to defy norms and help pioneer a movement for excelsior pet health & wellness in an age where pets are truly part of the family more than ever before. 

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